Zoom Poppi Pre-biotic Soda - Watermelon
Zoom Poppi Pre-biotic Soda - Watermelon

Poppi Pre-biotic Soda - Watermelon

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Wanna stay healthy? Listen to your gut. 70% of your body’s immunity begins with your gut, so we made it fun and easy to get the prebiotics your body needs and boost your immunity at the source.

Bubbles with Benefits

Make no mistake, soda is delicious. But most are loaded with empty calories and chemicals, which is insanely unhealthy. So we made a better one. Cheers!

May Help Refine Complexion

When your skin’s pH balance is out of whack, things go south. Poppi’s ACV may help balance your skin which can refine your complexion, stop breakouts and reduce inflammation. To think, a soda that may help your skin glow!

May Aid Digestion

Like all living things, probiotics need food in order to grow and thrive. We all have probiotics naturally occurring in our bodies, and prebiotics are a type of fiber our probiotics consume, giving them the fuel they need to do what they do best. In other words, prebiotics + probiotics = a happy healthy gut.

May Help Lower Cholesterol

What an overachiever. Studies have shown ACV may help to increase the good cholesterol (HDL) and decrease the bad cholesterol (LDL), contributing to better heart health.

May Help Promote Weight Loss

We’re all trying to get back the metabolism of our youth, right? Short of a time machine, ACV is the next best thing. Studies have shown ACV may help as an appetite regulator and overall digestion superstar, it’s your metabolic miracle.

Poppi Pre-biotic Soda - Watermelon



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