Malibu Magic

Mark & Stacy bought this original 1958 mid-century 3 bed/2 bath home in Malibu, CA from the original owners and set about doing an extensive 3 year renovation in total sympathy with its mid-century modern roots.  The house had very few alterations over the years, retaining not only its original footprint but most of its original features, including doors, door knobs, sliders, floors, light fittings and much more, so where possible the Rivetts restored these 60 year old fittings and features rather than replace them. No extensions, no moving of walls just a lot of elbow grease and like magic, this gorgeous 1784 sq ft classic Californian gem shone once again in all its original mid-century glory....... albeit with a few modern touches like ducted HVAC,  updated kitchen and bathrooms, great new appliances and Stacy's eclectic interior design sensibility.   Perched on a secluded 3.25 acres of dramatic clifftop overlooking the Pacific ocean,  the entire house is pretty much floor to ceiling glass with the front looking straight out over Catalina Island and the Queen's Necklace.  The Rivett's affectionally called it the 'Love Ranch' after the original owners, the Love family.   But, life dictates that all things must pass and in 2018 Mark and Stacy sold the 'Love Ranch' to Hollywood actress Emma Stone. 

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